Please Email to set up Telemedicine session ($35)

Telemedicine in the Time of Covid

What for?

Chinese medicine has an intricate set of diagnostic and treatment tools for all kinds of internal imbalances. Anything that would bring you to Chinese medicine under normal circumstances can be accomplished via telemedicine. 


We talk or Facetime at length about your issue and you send me pictures of your tongue and ears (for diagnostic and treatment reasons). 

Depending on your issue, I will prescribe herbs, show you where to put ear seeds (powerful stimulating patches to treat whole body issues), and teach you Qi gong, meditation, and/or acupressure strategies.

Herb deliveries are free for SLO city

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Tongues and Ears are powerful

microcosms of your body and 

indicate internal health. 

Ears are used for treatment and can be effectively treated via telemedicine


Possibly the most powerful of the 5 Branches of Chinese medicine. It takes years to learn and a lifetime to master. Orders can be dropped off to you in SLO

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